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Here you’ll find recent news about Live Oak and the staff.

March 30, 2011 – Live Oak releases Fall 2011 Applications

Team Leader Application

Creative Executive Application

Creative Director Application

Assistant Director Application

Account Executive Application

November 10, 2010 – “Taking the Pro Feet Challenge”

Live Oak is helping to make stinky feet x-stinct through the Pro Feet Challenge — a social media campaign for a new line of Pro Feet athletic socks.

The socks – called Smelly, Stinky, Funky and Foul – are made with a special X-StaticÒ silver fiber to prevent foot odor and are engineered to enhance performance.  To launch the new line, Live Oak created the Pro Feet Challenge, a campaign that challenges athletes to put the socks to the test and blog, facebook, tweet about their experiences.

The campaign began with grassroots marketing efforts.  Street teams handed out the socks at marathons and other sporting events and encouraged athletes to test the socks and “smell the reward.”  A Pro Feet Challenge micro-site was established linking visitors to facebook, twitter and youtube pages.  Five special athletes were selected across the country to be the “official” testers of the socks, and a blog site was created for these athletes to write about their experiences.  In addition, the first 100 visitors to post on the Pro Feet Challenge facebook wall received a free pair of Smelly socks.  Other outreach includes facebook advertising and distribution of a social media news release.

The results?  Football players, marathon runners and everyday exercisers are raving about the socks on the social media sites.  One fb poster who ran the Chicago Marathon in his Pro Feet socks said, “The performance was great even when the weather rose well above 80 degrees.  It really may be the perfect sock.”

– Written by Lee Bush

October 20, 2010 – “Live Oak Releases Spring 2011 Applications”

AD Application

Creative Executive Application

Account Executive Application

Team Leader Application

October 20, 2010 – “4th Annual Campout! Carolina Breaks Record”

On Oct. 8-9, more than 8,000 North Carolina residents turned off their lights, unplugged nonessential appliances, and camped out in their back yards to celebrate North Carolina’s environment.  It was all part of Campout! Carolina, an annual event developed by Live Oak to build awareness of EarthShare North Carolina, a federation of local nonprofit environmental groups.

When Live Oak first launched the event in 2007, 600 campers signed up on the Campout! Carolina web site to be counted.  In 2009, that number rose to 5,000 campers.  This year, the record was broken again, with more than 8,000 campers signing up on the web site.

This year’s event also included sponsorship by REI outdoor stores and The North Face, partnership with Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, and a photo contest sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Live Oak spread the word through media relations, viral marketing, outreach to radio stations, placement in dozens of online calendars, and social networking through facebook and twitter.  Media placements included segments on NC 14 statewide news channel, and the ABC 11 news station in Raleigh/Durham.

– Written by Lee Bush

April 27, 2010 – “Live Oak Staff take the Challenge”

Recently members of the Live Oak staff took on Elon’s challenge course, an accredited high and low ropes facility located on 18 wooded acres.  Ready to bond and show off our athletic ability, we met for an afternoon of fun.

The team started with small-scale creative problem solving, which was right up our alley. We then progressed to larger team building activities where goal setting, persistence, and a little sweat helped us complete each task.

The afternoon left us enlightened, exhausted, and closer as a team. We enjoyed learning more about each other, as well as our own strengths and abilities. Each member of our group contributed to the positive atmosphere, concluding the day with an entertaining and beneficial experience.

We wanted to give a special thank you to our facilitator! Thank you for taking time out of your weekend, directing us through the course, and not laughing at our silly, yet effective solutions to your challenges. Without you, this experience would not have been possible.

April 6, 2010 – “What’s Poppin’ at Live Oak”

Now that you know who we are and what we do, we know you want to hear what we’ve been up to. This year has been eventful for all of us at the agency. We launched our first national campaign, tripled results for our flagship event, and recently Live Oak was also honored with two extraordinary awards.

The PRSA Tar Heel chapter bestowed Live Oak accolades in two categories at an award ceremony in January. The agency took home recognition for “best event” on behalf of our inaugural campaign, Campout! Carolina, hosted annually by Earth Share of North Carolina. We were also acknowledged for “best website” presented for the design and creation of Paw 2 Paw, a social networking site created for pet owners, courtesy of Alamance Veterinary Hospital.

The new semester has brought with it more excitement, new hires, and the addition of new clientele: the Sunshine Center, the Edible Schoolyard at the Greensboro Children’s Museum, as well as the Burlington Spay and Neuter Clinic. This has led to the expansion of our agency, through creative and account executives, and has challenged staff to reach new levels of success. Now, in the first week of April, we’re in the full swing of campaigns for our eight clients.

We’re looking forward to seeing the end results of this semester’s events, endeavors, and multi-media projects. Check back on our blog soon for more updates on the agency and insight from our growing network of professionals.


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