Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

October 4, 2010 at 2:01 am 1 comment

Tim Dorgan: President, COO;

Advertisers and their agencies are searching for new, interactive ways to target sizable audiences in a world where “old media” just isn’t cutting it. A world where media ADD is a way of life, where “on-the-go” doesn’t do justice to the scale of our mobility, and where media audiences are fragmented beyond the degree anyone thought possible.

 Enter Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH).

 Whether in movie theaters, elevators, coffee shops, malls or bars (where is focused), digital video screens are appearing in large numbers wherever a flat surface exits…and where significant numbers of people are there to see them. DOOH ads can be targeted simply by the type of locations in which individual networks are deployed. Want business people? We can give you the Wall Street Network and Captivate. Want exercise enthusiasts? We can give you Club Com and the Health Club Media Network. Want young adults? We’ve got or TargetCast. And so on and so forth.

 And, because all these networks have Internet connectivity, messaging can be addressed down to the individual venue level, which provides an even higher degree of targetability.

 So…with all of this going for it, why has this medium not yet “taken off.”  Lack of scale was the initial reason, but DOOH networks are now rivaling or exceeding large cable networks. Every DOOH network worth its salt now has a Nielsen study, which provides some measure of credibility.

 I believe another factor contributing to advertiser hesitancy has been in the perceived “quality of the DOOH ad impression.”  While the medium looks and feels like TV, advertisers aren’t convinced that the DOOH ad experience and impact are the same. Some of this is justified. Seeing a tiny screen in an elevator or in a noisy bar is not the same as the idyllic vision of mom, dad and the kids sitting on the couch watching prime time television. This of course doesn’t factor in the DVR’ing, channel changing, multi-tasking, talking/texting/emailing-while-you’re-watching reality of today’s TV viewing. Nonetheless, this perception seems to be the standard against which out-of-home viewing has been compared.

 So you have the compelling characteristics of this new medium being weighed against the uncertainties of the advertising viewing experience. The only way to break this logjam is truly “old school.” It requires that early adopters conspire with media providers to do the quantitative research necessary to demonstrate the power of DOOH. As scale has been achieved, major advertisers have begun to work with DOOH networks to quantify DOOH as a direct response medium and an equity-messaging platform. Kudos to these organizations who have gone beyond the basic Nielsen study to see how the medium works for their individual brands.

 These studies will spawn others and will, I believe, move DOOH from its standing as “promising” to that of “must consider” for anyone trying to reach the many hard-to-reach consumers out there. It’s starting to happen already.


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  • 1. Sarah Foulke  |  October 25, 2010 at 3:48 am

    This will be an interesting trend to follow. It seems like DOOH is a great advertising tool.


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